Laser Marking & Services

Laser Marking provides a high-speed, low-cost, precise and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional metods such as silk screening, pad printing, stamping, chemical etching and mechanical engraving - and it's permanent!

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Brick Engraving

Engraved Brick or Tile can be used not only for the traditional walkway or patio project, but can be used as enhancements for landscaping, flagpoles, benches, statues, and fountains.  Engraved Tiles can be used to enhance foyers and inside areas.

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Fund Raising Services

Brick fundraisers have proven to be one of the most popular and easy methods of generating revenue for a variety of organizations, not to mention the pride one has when leaving a lasting memorial in such a special place.

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Plaques, Letters and Granite

Many fundraisers have asked for Granite pavers, Bronze Plaques, and Metal Letters for walls and statues. A beautiful way to finish the installation and honor your donors!  These items are now available to you!

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