Brick Engraving

Our unique brick engraving process uses a laser beam to melt the surface of bricks and tiles, producing a very durable, glassy image. This creates a mark so hard and durable it is harder than the brick itself. The advantage here in the Northeast is obvious weather conditions require us to use various types of ice melts and endure extremes in temperature. The clay paver and the glass mark, which is created is impervious to these compounds and conditions.

We don't use any chemicals or additives, or take away any of the clay material. Clay based bricks change color naturally when subjected to the intense heat of the laser. The process eliminates all fading and maintenance prolems associated with other types of brick marking methods.

By engraving the bricks, taking away the clay material and not filling the letters at all, will leave a deep engraved area that allows moisture to pool. This allows for the growth of organisms such as algae and moss, to grow within the text or graphics. These, as well as the water that can freeze, can expand and destroy the brick and the engraving.

Adding a paint fill to an engraved brick, can also leave a deep engraved area as above.  However, the paint being an organic material, does not naturally adhere to the brick and over time will come off.  In this process it could chip away at the brick itself.

Adding an epoxy fill can be better than a piant fill for a time. However, epoxy, an organic plastic, can contain additives such as sand and colorant. It will also deteriorate over time, and cause the same chipping as paint. It also oxidizes and shrinks when sumitted to the elements such as the sun.  And when moisture is introduced, it can get in between the epoxy and brick, and when this moisture freezes, will break away from the brick and could cause the brick to chip.

It is important to understand the effects different engravings have on bricks, and PermanentMark can help you. We have several samples in our showroom and would be happy to show you. We also can direct you to an installation nearby, so you can visit and see how the bricks installed there have weathered over time. Please contact us for more information.

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