Laser Marking Services

Laser marking provides a high-speed, low-cost, precise and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional methods such as silk screening, pad printing, stamping, chemical etching and mechanical engraving - and it's permanent!

Our lasers are capable of marking an incredible array of materials.  Virtually any material can be marked with a permanent, easily readable, highly contrasting text or graphic image, even with dimensions as small as thousandths of an inch.

Laser Marking is also non-contact and non-obtrusive, making it ideal for sensitive materials and delicate parts.

Computer control allows for precision, repeatability, and remarkable versatility.  Every mark is directed with pinpoint precision by the manipulation of defelction mirrors driven by a computer.  Positional accuracies are on the rder of several ten-thousandths of an inch, with equal repeatability.

Customer files can be stored, and later retrieved, to gurantee the quickest turnarounds and identical results from one job to the next.  As a result, consistency in quality, formatting and orientation is assured from part-to-part and lot-to-lot.

Graphics can be converted from any electronic format for import and marking with the laser.  Artwork, can also be adapted via a digital scanner.  Thousands of text fonts are available as well, including: OCR, Barcode, 2D Matrix and decorative fonts.  Additional features such as Alphanumeric serialization, data checksums, radial marking and text file input are standard.

The computer control also allows for easy integration to motion systems, parts handlers, and other external components for a high-speed, low-cost solution for large volume needs.

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